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Quickly and easily remove excess ear wax with a gentle swipe just inside your ear. Ototek Loop is the safer way to clean ears.

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How the Ototek Loop Works

The Ototek ear wax removal tool was designed by an M.D./Ear Specialist, 
Dr. Estrem, to safely scoop out excess earwax without damaging the sensitive eardrum. The loop’s Guard keeps it from reaching too deep into your ear so that you can get quick relief without having to worry. With Ototek, you can clean your ears in seconds, without the mess of ear water irrigation. Its patented design allows you to gently pull wax out, not push it in deeper.

How Long Will an Ototek Ear Wax Removal Tool Last?

The Ototek ear wax removal tool is easy to use and easy to clean thanks to its sleek and efficient design. The Plastic Loop can easily be hand-washed, allowing you to use it up to as many times as you would like. To help make your Ototek tool last longer, avoid using hot water, alcohol, or any other cleaning substance that may cause the plastic to become brittle. For the best results, gently cleanse your Ototek Ear Loop under lukewarm or cold water or wipe with a clean, soft cloth after each use.


Q. What Causes Too Much Earwax?

A. Earwax is a natural, protective substance that we all make. If your body produces too much of it, however, it’s not always a good thing. Here are some things that can cause excessive earwax:

  • The shape of an individual’s ear age. 
  • Ear trauma.
  • Scar tissue.
  • Water buildup.
  • Improper earwax removal methods.
  • High amounts of ear hair

Q. What are the side effects of excessive earwax?

A. Maintaining the amount of earwax that you produce is important because excessive earwax can cause some unpleasant side effects. Symptoms of earwax buildup and blockage can include:

  • A feeling of fullness in the ear.
  • Pain in the ear.
  • Difficulty hearing.
  • Ringing in the ear (Tinnitus).
  • A feeling of itchiness in the ear.
  • Decreased hearing.
  • Dizziness.

Q. How To Remove Earwax Build-up Safely?

A. Using household items such as cotton swabs or tissues can actually cause your eardrum more damage when trying to remove excess earwax. A Q-tip’s long neck makes it easy to scratch or harm the eardrum, and tissue will push the earwax further down rather than scoop it out. If you want to remove excess earwax safely and effectively you should use a tool such as the Ototek ear wax remover.

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