About the Ototek Loop® An Ear Wax Removal Instrument

The Ototek Loop® was designed by Dr. Scott Estrem, an M.D. / ear specialist who was on the faculty of the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine for 15 years. Dr. Estrem currently maintains an active clinical/surgical practice in Springfield, Missouri. A prolific researcher and author, Dr. Estrem has conducted numerous innovative research projects and authored more than 50 articles, abstracts and book chapters.

The design of the Ototek Loop® is based on the tools ear doctors use to remove impacted ear wax from their patient’s ears. As importantly, the Ototek Loop® features an ingenious ear guard, which prevents you from pushing the tip too far into your ear.

The Ototek Loop® is designed for adult ears only. It should not be used by children under 16. If you have had previous ear surgery, please consult your physician before using it.