Ototek Loop® Privacy Policy

All of your information that is processed on our website is kept confidential. Earest, Inc. will not sell, share, trade or rent any of your personal information except with your consent or as described in this Privacy Policy. We use various methods to secure your personal information including an SSL certificate to ensure your information is processed over a secure network.

For questions or concern in regards to our privacy policy, please contact earestjw@aol.com

Collected Information

When you request information from our website or submit purchase information, it is necessary to collect personal data such as your name, email address, and phone number so we can contact you or process your transaction.

When you visit our site, we automatically collect clickstream data, such as the way you found our site, what pages you visit on our site, and what browser you choose to visit the site in. All of the information we gather is anonymous, unless you choose to identify yourself, for example by filling out a request for information form.

Information use

When you submit your information on our site, we use the data to contact you and / or process your purchase.

When you submit a request for contact or make a purchase, we may send you newsletters and emails in regards to your purchase and /or upcoming events and promotions. To stop receiving these emails, be sure to contact us with your request to stop receiving them.

To best serve our customers we may combine information in our databases with publicly available data that we collect from marketing research and other means that are compliant with the Direct Marketing Association’s privacy standards.

We may also review your data from time to time to help us analyze trends, purchasing patterns, preferences, and demographics.

Credit Cards are not processed via website.


By using our website you are agreeing to let us collect and use the information identified in this Privacy Policy. If we make changes to any of our privacy policies, we post them on this website so that you have the most recent policies from our company.